Chapter 1 – Page 47

From the top in a line going down the image: [The Fawkes family crest.] born April 1570 as Guy Fawkes, raised Catholic in a rich family – his father died when he was 8 [1591 a pile of money] He sold lands inherited from his father and used the money to fight for Spain in Flanders against the Dutch Republic – [Flanders Windmill with a sword in the face] – [1595] Took part in the Siege of Calais and by now was a junior officer (alférez) – [1603] almost a captain, changed name to Guido and went to Spain to ask for help with a Catholic rebellion in England – [1604 Happy Flanders Windmill] King Philip couldn’t help so he went back to Flanders

Couldn’t help is more politely wouldn’t help.
Also entirely different Catholic rebellion.


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