Thirteen Lions

Thirteen Lions is a fictionalised retelling of The Gunpowder Plot, most famously featuring Guy (actually Guido) Fawkes. Like anything from history it's not completely accurate, but is far more accurate than you might see on TV, for one boots are only used for riding horses. Show off those calves!

Chapter 0 – Page 1

Image: King Henry VIII is prominent in the middle of the page, he’s holding a religious orb and flipping you off.

Text: By 1534 King Henry VIII had split with Rome (the pope)

Chapter 0 – Page 2

Image: King Henry still flipping you off.

Text: He formed a new church, the Church of England (Anglican)

he’s now the head and he rules (so said God)

So you’re a traitor if you still follow the Pope

and also he messed with some monks etc. but this is just a short intro
plus he was still functionally Catholic just split from Rome & excommunicated

Chapter 0 – Page 3

Image: Edward Seymour, in a big floppy hat, has one hand on the shoulder of the young King Edward VI, and the other hand lifting up a christian cross.

Text: Henry VII died in 1547

For the next 6 years England was ruled by the Lord Protector Edward Seymour
(the Duke of Somerset and uncle of Ed)

[[The official ruler of England was Edward VI but he was 9 and later in his short life didn’t even want to be the ruler]]

Edward Seymour made the state religion super Protestant and introduced a bunch of new rules for religion and prayer books and took the opportunity to ransack all the Catholic churches

Chapter 0 – Page 4

Image: Mary I looking all serious in her french hood

Edward VI died age 15

[and if we ignore his cousin Lady Jane Grey’s ???? days of rule where she was never crowned properly]

In 1553 Queen Mary had her coronation
1n 1554 she married the King of Spain!!

Her younger brother (half bro Ed) tried to remove her from the line of succession because she was Roman Catholic

her nickname is Bloody Mary

Chapter 0 – Page 5

Image: A serious faced Queen Mary holding and looking at the head of a Pope (Julius III)

Mary ruled for 5 years

During this time she tried to heavily reverse the Reformation

Which included sentencing over 300 people as heretics and then sentencing them to death – by fire

This upset a few people

Chapter 0 – Page 6

Image: Queen Elizabeth the First has a large ruff full of Christian crosses


Then Elizabeth became Queen

She wanted to be a moderate Protestant ruler, and her first 12 years were bloodless but throughout her reign, especially during the threat of invasion by Mary’s Philip and his Spanish Armada, she created a repressive atmosphere.

✝ Catholic church services forbidden
✝ Teachers must be licensed Angelicans
✝ You can’t criticise the Church of England
✝ No importing Catholic artefacts
✝ Acting or speaking on the Pope’s orders, or in his name, carried the death penalty
✝ If you don’t go to Church on Sunday you’ll be given a massive fine
✝ Only specific Anglican books can be used, and no criticising them
✝ You can’t convert anyone away from being Anglican
✝ Going abroad to be trained as a Catholic Priest has the death penalty

Chapter 0 – Page 7

Image: A simplified family tree with King Henry VII at the top, then Edward on the left, slightly lower on the right is Mary, and much lower on the right is Elizabeth. An arrow points from each person to the next, in order. Henry to Edward, Edward to Mary, Mary to Elizabeth.


[Next to Henry] Reformation 1534 – 13 years – died 1547
[Next to Ed] 6 years – 19 years
[Next to Mary] 5 years – 24
[Next to Elizabeth] 47 years – 71

So in total that’s about 71 years of religious turmoil