Graphic Recording in the UK

A modern and interesting way of recording details in meetings or lectures can be through graphic recording, which is also sometimes known as graphic facillitation or scribing.

If you are looking for someone to illustrate for you then Maz Hemming is an experienced illustrator, who you can contact at MHemming(at)mazhemart(dot)

I work by attending meetings and discussions and I do work such as Graphic recording either on large sheets of paper or in sketchbooks.

The graphic recording is done by drawing on a large scale sheet of paper which is illustrated as the meeting progresses as I analysise the discussion in my head and write and illustrate key points throughout the day. Once the meeting or lecture is over the resulting graphic can then be kept as a reminder of the discussion. You can also be provided with high resolution photographs for easier viewing and storage, such as on a computer or tablet.

If you are interested in what people sometimes call sketchnoting then I can instead bring a sketchbook and draw in a smaller format which I then scan in as high resolution images and email to you at a later date. This can be useful if the meeting or discussion will be held in a room where there is not room to draw a large mind map, the participants will be moving from place to place or if you don’t want the distraction of a large illustration being produced.

If you have specific ideas of who and what you want drawn, such as capturing the mood of the room by drawing participants or sticking to illustrating the Agenda we can talk via email and hash things out. I am very open to ideas if you wish for me to try something special for you and your organisation.

I am London based but I am able to work anywhere with good public transport links and stay in overnight accomodation.

If you are interested in any Graphic recording in London or anywhere else within Great Britain then you can email MHemming(at)mazhemart(dot) for more information.